Resources for Families and Children

The EMSC National Resource Center (NRC) has produced a variety of resources for families and children on such topics as preventing and responding to childhood emergencies, selecting a health care plan, and developing emergency care plans for children with special health care needs. For the full list of topics, see EMSC Resources.

Support the Federal EMSC Program

The EMSC NRC also has created several resources designed to assist parents, caregivers, and EMSC representatives in their efforts to support the federal EMSC Program at the national and state levels:

Getting Started, Staying Involved: An EMSC Toolkit for Family Representatives is a toolkit designed to assist EMSC family representatives in their efforts to support the EMSC Program. The guide contains information about the history of the U.S. emergency medical services system. It provides background information about the establishment, current status, and future endeavors of the EMSC Program and its Family Advisory Network. It addresses the importance of EMSC performance measures and how family representatives contribute to the success of each measure. Most importantly, this guide provides tips one everything needed to help family representatives get started and stay involved in the planning and implementation of state EMSC activities.

Pediatric Jump Kit Bag Initiative was created in 2002 by the Oconomowoc Junior Woman's Club, a local chapter of the national General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), and the Wisconsin EMSC Advisory Board. Noting a lack of pediatric equipment on ambulances in certain areas of Wisconsin, the two groups created a strategic partnership to fund and place pediatric "Jump Kit" bags – specialized kits that put critical pediatric emergency supplies in one place to help EMS respond to pediatric calls with organized, easily accessible, and properly-sized equipment – on every ambulance in Waukesha County, WI. Today, the partnership has raised more than $300,000, and approximately 65% of the states EMS agencies have access to the bags.

In 2011, the EMSC NRC and GFWC developed a national strategic partnership to encourage and market the Wisconsin model to other states and territories in an effort to produce similar outcomes. The EMSC NRC encourages Family Advisory Network members to work with their EMSC program mangers to develop the partnerships within their state. This collaborative effort can assist EMSC programs throughout the nation to acquire missing pediatric equipment for their local EMS agencies.