Pediatric Jump Kit Bag Initiative

In 2002, the Oconomowoc Junior Woman's Club (OJWC), a local chapter of the national General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), and the Wisconsin EMSC Advisory Board identified a gap in pediatric EMS care. Noting a lack of pediatric equipment on ambulances in certain areas of Wisconsin, the two groups created a strategic partnership to fund and place pediatric "Jump Kit" bags – specialized kits that put critical pediatric emergency supplies in one place to help EMS respond to pediatric calls with organized, easily accessible, and properly-sized equipment – on every ambulance in Waukesha County, WI. Today, the partnership has raised more than $300,000, and approximately 65% of the states EMS agencies have access to the bags.

In 2011, the EMSC National Resource Center (NRC) and GFWC developed a national strategic partnership to encourage and market the Wisconsin model to other states and territories in an effort to produce similar outcomes. The EMSC NRC encourages Family Advisory Network members to work with their EMSC program mangers to develop the partnerships within their state. This collaborative effort can assist EMSC programs throughout the nation to acquire missing pediatric equipment for their local EMS agencies.

"We are thrilled to receive this for our ambulance - what a great project sponsor! We received an ambulance call for a 22 month old that was in seizure activity. It was nice to have this kit ready to grab knowing full well that it was completely stocked with anything and everything we could possibly need... We now have peace of mind knowing we have the necessary equipment it takes to care for the youngest patients..."

EMS Provider in Wisconsin

Why Is the Pediatric Jump Kit Bag so Vital?

According to Elizabeth Davy, co-chair of OJWC's EMSC Committee and founder of the Pediatric Jump Kit Bag Initiative, Wisconsin has 1.1 million children younger than age 14. "A pediatric call could be anything from a premature infant to an injured teenager; their size and needs are completely different," Elizabeth said. "Yet most of our ambulances were not set up with all the appropriate sized equipment to treat pediatric emergencies easily, efficiently, and effectively. By providing the right tools, in the right place, EMS providers can positively affect the outcome of these children in need – more than 26,000 transported children per year in Wisconsin.

"Support and involvement from the state EMSC project is critical to community service groups like GFWC; groups that chose to donate time and money to make a difference in children's lives," Elizabeth continued.

How Can An Individual, Group, or State EMSC Program Participate in the Initiative?

Anyone can participate in the Pediatric Jump Kit Bag Initiative. Individuals, schools, Parent-Teacher Associations, Girl/Boy Scout clubs, and religious groups are welcomed participants. Please contact Tony Gilchrest at the EMSC NRC by email or by telephone at (301) 244-6300 for information about how to get started.

About GFWC

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