Each year, the federal EMSC Program partners with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to celebrate Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week. The Wednesday within the week-long celebration is designated as EMS for Children Day or EMSC Day.

National EMS Week and EMS for Children Day feature hundreds of grassroots activities coast-to-coast. On Wednesday, local communities and medical personnel are encouraged to focus their EMS Week activities on raising public awareness about the need for specialized emergency care for children.

EMS for Children Day 2014

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Then, Now, Imagine… Honoring the Past, Experiencing the Present, Visualizing the Future

This year’s observance marks the 30-year celebration of the EMSC Program. For the last three decades, the EMSC Program has successfully raised awareness among healthcare professionals, EMS and trauma system planners, and the general public that children respond differently – physically, emotionally, and psychologically – to illness or injury than do adults.

Throughout this celebratory year, the Program will highlight its 30-year slogan, “Then, Now, Imagine... Honoring the Past, Experiencing the Present, Visualizing the Future.” We will emphasize all that we have accomplished, and draw attention to all current and future endeavors (see the March 2014 issue of Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine, which is dedicated to EMSC's 30-year celebration and features 15 articles written by EMSC champions).

The purpose of the annual EMS for Children Day celebration is to raise awareness about the need to improve and expand specialized care for children in the prehospital and acute care settings. This year, National EMS for Children Day will be held on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, and for the 12th consecutive year it will be held in conjunction with EMS Week (May 18-24).

Click on each button on the banner above for tips and resources on how your organization can recognize this special day. Remember, your National EMS for Children Day campaign should be designed to reach a variety of audiences, from healthcare providers to parents and caregivers and even the children themselves. Consider downloading:

  • Online Artwork (includes social media graphics, web banners, email badges, and a postcard) to help you spread the word about National EMS for Children Day.

  • Celebration Ideas (subdivided by target audience) to help you brainstorm creative and affordable ideas to help you capture community interest in EMSC activities and accomplishments.

  • Proclamation (includes a customizable proclamation and a sample letter to a state or city official) to attract public attention to your local activities by designating May 21, as EMS for Children Day.
  • Appreciation Templates (includes a certificate of appreciation and thank you cards for prehospital and hospital personnel) to honor the EMS and acute care professionals for the work they do on behalf of children.

  • Fact Sheets and Flyers (includes two 30-years of service fact sheets and a theme-based flyer) to promote greater awareness of EMSC activities, resources, and accomplishments.

  • Child Activity Sheets (includes all new coloring pages, dot-to-dots, mazes, crosswords, and much more) to enhance awareness among children on how to prepare for and respond to a health care emergency and how to prevent childhood injury and illness.

For more information about EMS Week, download a copy of ACEP's 2014 EMS Week Planner or become a fan of the National EMS Week Facebook page