• Click here to download the checklist

    The Checklist of Essential Pediatric Domains and Considerations for Every Hospital’s Disaster Preparedness Policies is a tool to help hospital administrators and leadership incorporate essential pediatric considerations into existing hospital disaster policies. This checklist is available in both interactive and non-interactive pdf versions. DOWNLOAD >>>

  • Click here to learn more about the National Pediatric Readiness Project

    The National Pediatric Readiness Project is a multi-phase quality improvement initiative to ensure that all U.S. emergency departments (ED) have the essential guidelines and resources in place to provide effective emergency care to children. Join us on December 17 for the webinar "Pediatric Readiness Data: An Opportunity to Improve Quality of Care in Your ED. READ MORE >>>

  • Click here to download the Pediatric Regionalization of Care Primer

    The Pediatric Regionalization of Care Primer is now available for download. This new tool is intended to assist those interested in improving access to pediatric specialty care through an organized sharing of resources, especially in regions where access to pediatric medical treatment is limited due to travel distances or jurisdictional borders. DOWNLOAD >>>

Health Resources on Children in Disasters and Emergencies

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