National Pediatric Readiness Project

National Pediatric Readiness photo
This ongoing quality improvement project is designed to promote the optimal care of children in all emergency departments (ED). It began in 2012 with a nationwide assessment of all EDs and their readiness to care for children based on the 2009 Guidelines for the Treatment of Children in the Emergency Department.
promotional artwork for Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation Checklist

Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation Checklist

Implementing a checklist is a low-cost option that has been shown to reduce errors in several medical domains. This toolkit is designed to help hospitals create a trauma resuscitation checklist.

Imageof EMSC Program Manager's Tool Kit

EMSC Program Manager's Toolkit

The Program Manager’s Toolkit is an online, interactive tool kit that includes information and resources to help new EMSC program managers learn about the Program, including the emergency systems of care (both EMS and hospital) in which it operates.